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We specialise in Moth Control in Hertfordshire, with over 30 years of experience in the industry we can quickly identify the problem and recommend the best treatment to remove the infestation and deter moths from returning in the future.

One of the most common moths are clothes and carpet moths. The adult moth is completely harmless but the larvae of clothes moths eat, and can cause severe damage to fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, leather and carpet.

The larvae cause damage to the fabric by eating the protein which can put delicate items at risk of damage, especially when they are left in drawers and wardrobes for long periods of time. Signs of a problem would be damage to clothes and carpets especially around the edges.

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Moth Control Hertfordshire

Moth Control Hertfordshire

Our Treatment Programme

Our pest control technician will assess the problem and and talk through the treatment approach. Depending on the severity of the problem we can either use heat or chemical treatment.

On completion of the treatment our technician will leave a report with you with details of the treatments and recommendations to help prevent further infestations.

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Friendly Service

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Competitive Pricing

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All Work Guaranteed

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Facts About Moths

Moth Control Hertfordshire

Adult moths are on the wing from May to September, indoors adults can be found all year round. An adult female moth can lay between 50 and 100 eggs amongst the material which the larvae will feed.

When the larvae emerge from the egg they will begin to feed, during this time they frequently construct a loose silken 'shelter' which has attached to it particles of debris and faecal pellets. Once mature the larvea pupates into a reddish brown colour. When the adult moth emerges it will live for 2 - 3 weeks.

Adult moths have a body length of 6 - 8 mm and a wingspan of 9 - 16 mm. The upper side of the wing is a golden colour with a fringed margin. Adult moths are rarely seen in flight, mostly only the males. Females moths will fly after they have deposited their eggs.

Problems caused by Moths

The majority of moths are completely harmless, it is the larvae that are seen as the pest which can cause damage to natural materials such wool, silk, fur, leather and carpet. They can also eat stored food products.

The moth larvae can cause severe damage to clothing if it is left of a drawer or wardrobe untouched for periods of time. This allows the larvae to happily eat the proteins found in the textiles without being disturbed.

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Best pest control. Always there to re assure and utmost professionalism.

Used EPC for the first time when they came to deal with mice at 2am and since then I would not use anyone else. Clearly know what they are doing unlike many other companies in this field. Highly recommended.

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We had a mouse issue which we were trying to deal with using shop brought products..

The mice just kept eating it, we still had mice for a while until we called EPC, they carried out a treatment and blocked off all areas, great service, no more mice, I would highly recommend to my family and friends

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Wow is all I can say, we had Bed Bugs in our property for months, we had a couple of well known companies in to deal with the issue, which they could not do..

They used just chemicals, after talking to EPC about a heat treatment and the treatment involved we went to the extra expense of trying it, at last we can sleep Bed Bug free, it is a bit expensive, but well worth the money when you see what they do, thanks again guys.

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Our friendly team of pest control technicians are on call throughout Hertfordshire for most of the day and available most weekends and bank holidays.

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