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We specialise in Wasp Nest Removal in Hertfordshire, with over 30 years of experience in the industry we can quickly remove the wasp nest.

A single wasp nest can contain up to 7,000 wasps, they will normally nest in air vents, lofts, on roofs, under guttering and in eaves. You will normally notice wasps entering and exiting from the same place as a sign that there is likely to be a wasps nest.

It is advised not to approach a nest and attempt removal yourself, this should be done by a trained pest controller. If threatened wasps will sting which can be very painful and if you are allergic to the sting it can be life threatening.

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Wasp Nest Removal Hertfordshire

Wasp Nest Removal Hertfordshire

Our Treatment Programme

Our pest control technician will assess the problem and and talk through the treatment approach. Using an insecticidal dust into the entrance of the nest at high pressure over a 24 hour period the dust naturally spreads around the nest killing the queen and the rest of the wasps.

On completion of the treatment our technician will leave a report with you with details of the treatments and recommendations to help prevent further wasp nests.

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Facts About Wasps

Wasp Nest Removal Hertfordshire

In springtime queen wasps emerge from hibernation to start building a nest. As the summer progresses more and more worker wasps hatch and the colony grows. The adult worker wasps have the distinctive black and yellow pattern on their abdomen and are between 15 - 20 mm long.

Wasps are colonial insects living in social groups with many thousand found in an established nest. The worker wasps will feed on nectar, sweet materials and sometimes other insect larvae. Towards the end of the summer the colony develops males with the presumptive queens which when mated over winter start new wasp colonies the following year.

Only female wasps have a sting they can use repeatedly when they feel threatened, on average a worker wasp will live for between 12 - 22 days while a queen can live up to a year.

Problems caused by Wasps

A wasp sting can be a painful and unpleasant experience but potentially lethal as there is a risk of 'anaphylactic shock' that can occur from just one sting.

Wasps will also visit dustbins and dead animal bodies which can lead to the spread of disease and contamination of food sources.

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Best pest control. Always there to re assure and utmost professionalism.

Used EPC for the first time when they came to deal with mice at 2am and since then I would not use anyone else. Clearly know what they are doing unlike many other companies in this field. Highly recommended.

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We had a mouse issue which we were trying to deal with using shop brought products..

The mice just kept eating it, we still had mice for a while until we called EPC, they carried out a treatment and blocked off all areas, great service, no more mice, I would highly recommend to my family and friends

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Wow is all I can say, we had Bed Bugs in our property for months, we had a couple of well known companies in to deal with the issue, which they could not do..

They used just chemicals, after talking to EPC about a heat treatment and the treatment involved we went to the extra expense of trying it, at last we can sleep Bed Bug free, it is a bit expensive, but well worth the money when you see what they do, thanks again guys.

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Our friendly team of pest control technicians are on call throughout Hertfordshire for most of the day and available most weekends and bank holidays.

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